Special Occasion Roasts

No Meat Roast  Beef - The classic Sunday roast but also excellent for special occasions or even Wednesday nights in February in Wolverhampton  . A liberal splash of vegan red wine and quince jelly from our garden makes this a non meat eaters dream come true Suitable for 5- 6 people at a price of just 15.00 it melts in your mouth is  flexitarian and downright lovely . Oh its also the grandmother and grand fathers favourite !

 No meat Chorizo and Cashew dust roast - This is  similar mix to our burgers with a touch more Paprika , chilli flakes  and chilli oil to bring out that chorizo taste. We came under serious pressure  to turn this into a roast - so we did . Serves 5-6 , spicy succullent and great with IPA or any craft beers . 

No Meat  chicken with ruby grapefruit ,lemon and Lavender - Talking  about pressure - this is all a family members fault - who loved being vegan but also loved fried chicken. So we made her fried chicken and then a month later she wanted Roast chicken for her friends and asked us to put jackfruit in it so she could pull it .   Cruelty free and tastier than any colonel could make - this is a classic provencal recipe with the addition of a ruby red grapefruit and lemon crust and of course as its Provencal - lavender . 

No meat Venison with blackberries and The Hedgerow Handbook Gin - We teamed up with author Adele Nozedar to make the first ever no meat venison roast in the U.K and are very proud that she let us use her limited edition Hedgerow Handbook gin in the making . Traditionally teamed up with juniper the addition of this unique gin makes this the idea present for the discerning vegan , vegetarian or flexitarian and at 15.oo for 1kg - it’s just a must have !