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The No Meat Roast

Here's our classic Sunday centrepiece that will feed 5-6  people and it only takes 30 minutes to cook in the oven.  You could slice it for a pot roast or cut it into steaks for during the week - but be careful if you leave it out on the Kitchen table - your dog may steal it - ours do !


At 15.00 per kg its even cheaper than the real thing

The No Meat Quarter Pounder


It's actually considerably  bigger than a quarter pounder but hey we don’t care. Great in Brioche buns or on the barbecue or just with some peppercorn sauce  and chips with  a friendly beer on a Wet Wednesday .  Smoky , spicy and very red - this  caused controversy in our house- the first time family members tried it - Ill say it again - its not meat . 

At 4  for 5.00 it's not just a talking point - its a bargain 

The No Meat Charcuterie 

I miss pastrami   and Chorizo and all cold cuts  on rye , on sourdough bagels or even kebabs on a Saturday night . So I created this  alternative and they are even better than the real thing ! Just leave them in your fridge for emergencies or place with lettuce and tomato for the alternative BLT . Just think of a way you couldn't use it - I dare you !

200g per 2.50  

The No Meat Ribeye Steak

Here's our take on the classic 8-10 oz steak people crave for in Steak Restaurants - so we had no choice to create our own . . We love this with classic sauces - bearnaise , peppercorn or Diane or just sometimes with Garlic butter melted in a pan! It's a weekday treat with a price to match 


Ribeyes sell at £9 for a pack of 2.

The No Meat Chateau Steaks


I still can't afford one of these so naturally I made my own.  A  minimum 12oz steak the size of a plate that  reminds you of American Holidays . You may  need a friend to help you with this  as even my toughest  hungriest mates had problem with this one. 


Chateau steaks sell at £14 for a pack of 2.