About Us

So what does a chef do if his partner is a vegetarian, his student daughter is vegan, his son is a teenage carnivore and occasionally he (the beleaguered chef) eats meat? 

Here’s the answer. The chef (that’s me) takes a wonder product named Seitan, some herbs and spices, adds in 30 years’ experience of cooking, and a sprinkle of genius (just a tad). Then he makes steaks and burgers and charcuterie, salamis and roasts that all look and taste just like meat but aren’t meat at all! How good does it taste? Well, his daughter got angry with him for feeding her ‘meat’ and as for his partner, who was sitting down to her first-ever ‘steak’ – well, she was fit to kill, until he explained. And that’s the truth, and that’s how this all began. 

Now we make small batches to order in a Community Kitchen in the Brecon Beacons, so our community benefits too. We make classic meat products such as chateaubriand steaks, rib eyes, burgers, roasts, grills and charcuterie, but with no actual meat in sight. The No Meat Steak Company offers classics that would grace any great deli or fine dining establishment, thereby giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy a great quality product regardless of what they choose to eat. 


Of course, there has been an exponential increase in people who are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or otherwise. We aren’t here to preach about politics or welfare or anything like that. We don’t hug trees either – we just create great food that everyone can enjoy.


We are happy to send you a sample to try - just pay our postage or email us. Even better, we love talking, so please feel free to give us a call anytime and maybe we could come for a visit and cook with you.