The No Meat Steak Company has finally arrived to feed everyone who is concerned about their diet or indeed the planet . Perhaps  they want to cut down on their meat intake , or just try a vegan or vegetarian alternative to a  traditional meat product .



Let's be honest about this - for years a visit to a good restaurant or a Supermarket  for a non meat eater has not been a life changing  culinary experience. When the bill comes  there can also be a realisation that in terms of quality you could have done better at home . Thankfully - that's all changing and here at The No Meat Steak Company  we  would like to play our part . 



We're determined  to put it right - starting with our fine steaks  and our Bistro Burgers and our special occasion  Roasts selections which you can view on the following pages 



We cook from around the world and that is going to be reflected in our food  in the future  - so don't be too surprised if you see not only classic  British cuts  but French , Chinese , Vietnamese and Pacific rim as well . 

We also have a major advantage to other meat replacement producers - in that we come from a meat chefs background so we know how a replacement meat is supposed to feel and taste like when you bite into it . That 's why we sell out at food fairs .People are shocked at how similar No Meat steak products are to real meat - and they taste better too !





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